The legends about the monster in the Scottish lake Loch Ness, which existed among the locals, got a real embodiment in 1934. The author of the photo, respectable London doctor R. Kenneth Wilson, claimed to have photographed the monster by accident while traveling in the area. In 1994, it was determined that this photograph was a fake. However, photography managed to give rise to the so-called Nessie phenomenon – many people tried to find a relic animal both on Loch Ness and in other places. And finally, one more photo. Novosibirsk is not represented in such famous photos as those listed above. However, in our city there are objects that have been photographed thousands of times and by which Novosibirsk is unmistakably recognized all over the world. One of the most famous symbols of the city is the opera house built in 1931-1941.