Firstly, gay wedding photographer new york, like any perishable product, quickly become unusable under the influence of viruses and information-type infections, as well as due to the rapid wear of mechanical rotating parts, therefore it is better not to store them, but to print them. But if you really want to store it, and we are talking about a figure, then there are the following options:

store on a dedicated external hard drive or drive, including support for modern replication technologies, such as RAID
store on the main disk or external USB drive, dubbed to DVDs, cataloged by date and folder names according to content
store on disk, duplicate on modern photo backup services on the Internet (costs money)
store on a disk, duplicate on your own hosting with your own software (hosting costs money, as well as specialized software, however, as well as Internet access, by the way)
with all this, photos still need to be printed